I am a Professor of Economics at the University of Cyprus. I am also currently serving as Chair of the Department of Economics. Please follow the links above to navigate the site and find out more about my research and other activities. You can also use the links on the right to visit affiliated sites. Enjoy!

Recent research highlights:

Micro‐responses to shocks: Pricing, promotion, and entry,” CEPR Discussion Paper 13281, October 2019 (with Alexis Antoniades and Mingzhi Xu). Also available on SSRN. Here is a Vox column summarizing the paper. Also an older media briefing (from presentation at the 2016 European Economic Association annual congress).

“The Political Economy of Cyprus’ Financial Sector Reform,” in Manasse, P. and Katsikas, D. (ed.) Economic Crisis and Structural Reforms in Southern Europe, Routledge 2018.

Sales, Quantity Surcharge, and Consumer Inattention,” Review of Economics and Statistics, 99(2): 357-370, May 2017 (with Pascal Courty).

National Sentiment and Consumer Choice: The Iraq War and Sales of US Products in Arab Countries,” Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 117(3): 829:851, July 2015 (with Peter Davis and Antonis Michis). Latest SSRN version.

A New Dataset on Competition in National Banking Markets,” Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments, 24(2-3): 267–311, May/August 2015 (with Manthos Delis and Sotirios Kokas).

The Collapse of the Cypriot Banking System: A Bird’s Eye View”, Cyprus Economic Policy Review 8(2): 3-35, December 2014.

Welfare Implications of Car Feebates: A Simulation Analysis,” Economic Journal 124(578), F420–F443, August 2014 (with Adamos Adamou and Theodoros Zachariadis).