I mostly teach courses in microeconomics and industrial organization at various levels. Recently I added History of Economic Thought to my repertoire. Below is a list of courses I have taught over the years:

University of Cyprus

  • Microeconomic Theory (undergraduate)
  • Industrial Organization (undergraduate)
  • Firm Structure and Strategy (undergraduate)
  • Regulation Theory and Policy (undergraduate)
  • History of Economic Thought (undergraduate)
  • Microeconomics (Master)
  • Industrial Organization (Master/PhD)
  • Microeconomic Analysis (Master/PhD)
  • Business Economics (MBA)
  • Firms and Markets (MBA)
  • Strategy for R&D-Intensive Firms (MBE)

Georgetown University

  • Principles of Microeconomics (undergraduate)
  • Economic Regulation (undergraduate seminar)

Yale University

  • Industrial Organization (undergraduate)
  • Empirical Analysis of Firms and Markets (undergraduate seminar)
  • International Trade (undergraduate)

European University Institute

  • Empirical Industrial Organization (PhD, 10-hr course)